Good Cop, Bad Cop

At yesterday’s rehearsal for The Suspect, one of the playlets in NOT the Vagina Monologues, I was reminded of Boffle. The scripts often called for Hugh Laurie to be beaten up by Stephen Fry. Hugh has since said that Stephen was unfortunately rather bad at stage hitting, and would often just actually hit him.

In the FACE!

Ouch. And I can sympathise. During the ‘good cop, bad cop’ scene, Anna is meant to knock my hat off, but yesterday she somehow punched me full-on in the ear. It was still ringing for the next two scenes.

felt if 2012 logo

Help! This good cop routine doesn’t fool me!

Ah well, anything can happen in love and theatre. All is forgiven. This time. Just remember: at the end of The Suspect, I’m the only one who has the keys to the handcuffs… and we’ve still got two playlets left to go.