Invading the Space

Early rehearsals are strange beasts. No one is familiar with the text, people haven’t quite found their characters, and everyone is still feeling their way cautiously about the space.

Space is a greater issue than usual, as Hurjaruuth is a new theatre for us and we weren’t able to rehearse there. At least we were able to pop in for a quick shufty, even though it was set up for another production.

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One small step for Anna… one giant WTF for mankind.

 It’s a pity we can’t rehearse at the theatre. On the other hand, getting into the real space always boosts a plateaued play to new levels.

You’d think it would be difficult to move into a completely new space, but it’s actually surprisingly easy – once you get your set in place.

felt if 2012 logo

Setting the waypoints.

For months, we’ve been practicing moving between a number of fixed points – the tables, the boxes, the screen, and the bench. Once they’re in place, we simply continue to move between those fixed points. What surrounds them doesn’t matter.